CCAr is the highest level of accreditation achievable within the Cisco certification program.

The Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) certification is for senior network infrastructure architects who produce technical specifications for the network to support business objectives. The curriculum focuses on understanding the business strategy and translating it into technical infrastructure requirements.

There are no formal training programs available for the CCAr certification. However, candidates wishing to attain their CCAr certification must meet before an in-person board made of Cisco-appointed exam committee members, during which the candidate defends their proposed network solution.

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To earn this Cisco certification, you must complete the following:

CCAr Board Exam

The CCAr Board Exam requires qualified candidates to develop and defend a network architecture that can effectively support a given set of realistic business requirements. Candidates first submit an application summarizing their project experience and other qualifications and are interviewed by the Cisco-designated Architecture Board team members. Candidates shall not submit project experience related to any classified projects. Submission of classified project information will be cause for immediate disqualification. Once approved, candidates will be given an architecture challenge and will meet live with Board members to answer questions and defend their design.

CCAr: CCAr Interview and Board ExamN/ACCAr Interview and Board Exam

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